colorado health exchangeConnect for Health Colorado is Colorado’s health insurance exchange.Below you will find all the latest news and articles related to Colorado Health Exchange.

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Colorado Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare: Yes (More info on medicaid expansion here)

 Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Overview:

In June 2011, then Governor John Hickenlooper (D) signed a law, which established the Colorado Health Insurance Exchange.In January 2013, the Exchange announced that its new name would be Connect for Health Colorado.

Colorado’s health insurance exchange is a state government-run entity. Connect for Health Colorado is a one stop online health insurance marketplace, scheduled to open for business in October 2013 for individuals, families and small employers across Colorado. It’s a marketplace where Coloradans can find out if they are eligible for new federal financial assistance, based on income, and use the benefits right away. Coverage begins January 1, 2014.

There are 3 different types of exchange models which states can chose under ObamaCare to run health insurance exchanges. They are described here in health exchange by state post.

Colorado Individuals and Small business owners can purchase Colorado Qualified Health Plans or QHPs from the exchange. ObamaCare Colorado healthcare subsidies are available for state residence with income less than 400% of federal poverty level. Small businesses can find out information regarding what ObamaCare Colorado Small Employer Tax Credits And Penalties are applicable.

Colorado Health Exchange Helpful Resources:

  • Check this calculator to find out if you are eligible for federal subsidies.
  • This official website for CO Health Insurance Exchange can give you more overview and has nice forums where moderator are very active in responding to users questions.
  • Colorado Health Initiative’s blog has good coverage on Colorado exchange, Visit them at
  • To become a broker or agent in Colorado Health Benefit Exchange contact SHOP Coordinator at 720-496-2548

Colorado Health Exchange News And Articles

  • Colorado Health Exchange Enrollment Numbers Are On The Rise Wednesday March 19th, 2014 Connect for health Colorado, the state run health insurance exchange operating under Obamacare is seeing some last few days of surge, as deadline approaches for the year 2014 open enrollment. According to recent numbers released by the health exchange website, as of march 17th, a total of close to quarter million state residence have applied… Read more
  • Colorado Health Benefit Exchange Updates Sunday August 18th, 2013 Colorado Division of Insurance Approves Exchange Rates The 13 insurance companies that will be selling qualified health policies through the Colorado health benefit exchange beginning in October received approval for their rates; however, the rates will be a little lower than the rates originally proposed by the insurers. There will be a total of 150… Read more
  • Colorado Insurance Exchange Proposed Rates Tuesday June 04th, 2013 Colorado Insurance Exchange ( Connect for Health Colorado) has recently released information about proposed health plans and rates submitted by health insurance companies which want to sell qualified health plans in Colorado's exchange. The plans which are for both individual ans small group market are currently under review by Colorado division of insurance (DOI) and… Read more
  • Colorado Insurance Exchange Navigator Program Recommendations Tuesday March 26th, 2013 Connect for Colorado is the state run insurance exchange program for Colorado residence. One of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act is to have a navigator program run by each exchange to educate consumers about various options available in the newly created health exchanges. Colorado seems to be doing good due diligence in establishing… Read more