Connect for Colorado is the state run insurance exchange program for Colorado residence. One of the requirements of the Affordable Care Act is to have a navigator program run by each exchange to educate consumers about various options available in the newly created health exchanges. Colorado seems to be doing good due diligence in establishing this program and has published recommendation for implementing a consumer friendly navigator program.

Following shows the recommendation for development of this program:

Colorado Navigator Program Development Recommendation

Colorado Navigator Program Development Recommendation

Recommendations for Navigators And Assistors:

In summary the recommendations are to clearly delineate the navigator and assistors role and set out expectations on how they interact with each other and the exchange, develop a through, comprehensive training program, provide ongoing and online access to tools, training materials, education and mentors.

Also develop quality improvement measures and mechanisms to regularly and clearly assess trends and performance, create a two way feedback mechanism between exchange and navigator and finally ensure that funding is sufficient, comprehensive and sustainable for the program.

Recommendations For The Benefit Of Consumers:

For the benefits of the consumers the recommendations are to create comprehensive state wide network of diverse assistors and navigators with in person, telephone and online capabilities, include people affiliated with sources trusted by communities as navigators, educate people about value of insurance, how to use exchange, and types of available assistance.

Create a comprehensive integrated and coordinated system of support encompassing, the call centers, assistors and navigators, establish positive consumer experience by providing high quality consumer services, conduct creative and expansive outreach methods such as mobile vans to reach people in their community,

Ensure that there are sufficient numbers of navigators available to serve all Coloradans, utilize multiple technologies including mobile platforms to ensure easy accessibility and finally make available culturally and linguistically friendly and appropriate materials and services.

This recommendation is based upon doing extensive survey in the local communities and getting their feedback. Following shows the key questions asked by consumers and their concerns:

Feedback from Colorado residence on Exchange Navigator Program


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