connecticut health exchangeAccess Health CT is the Connecticut’s state run health insurance exchange. Below you will find all the latest news and articles related to Connecticut Health Exchange.

Official website: Connecticut’s Website For Health Insurance Exchange
Phone: 860-757-5300
Fax: 860-757-5330
Address:Access Health CT
280 Trumbull Street, 15th Floor
Hartford, CT 06103

Connecticut Medicaid Expansion Under ObamaCare: Yes (More info on medicaid expansion here)

Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Overview:

In July  2011, then Governor Dan Malloy (D) signed a law to establish the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange and in December 2012, the Exchange announced its new name “Access Health CT.” Connecticut is also known as the nation’s insurance capital.

Connecticut health exchange is a state run marketplace. A state can choose to operate its exchange or it can let federal government operate one for it. The three kinds exchange operation models mandated by ObamaCare is described here in health exchange by state post.

The Exchange is aiming to sign up around 220,000 CT uninsured residents, which is approximately 2/3 of the state’s 350,000 uninsured residents.It is also estimated that around 233,000 CT residents may qualify for  premium subsidies through the CT Health Exchange.

CT Individuals and Small business owners can purchase Connecticut Qualified Health Plans or QHPs from the exchange. There are ObamaCare CT healthcare subsidies available for individuals who’s income is below 400% of federal poverty level,. Small businesses can check what ObamaCare Connecticut Small Employer Tax Credits And Penalties   are applicable.


Connecticut Health Exchange Useful Resource:

  • See this CT Health Insurance Cost Calculator to find out approximately how much you will pay for health insurance as well as what financial help you can get.
  • See this FAQ (PDF) on 10 things to know about Connecticut Health Exchange.
  • see this one page document (PDF) to know what  Navigator and Assister Program is and visit this to know more about Exchange Navigator and Consumer Outreach Programs.

Connecticut Health Exchange News And Articles

  • Health Exchange CT Scrambles to Address Errors, Federal Changes Saturday December 21st, 2013 As has been well-publicized in the media, the debut of the health insurance exchanges as mandated by the Affordable Care Act has been rocky to say the least. In response to the many problems experienced by Americans attempting to sign up for health insurance through the exchanges, the unexpected cancellation of millions of noncompliant policies… Read more
  • Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Updates Saturday August 17th, 2013 Aetna Withdraws from Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Insurance giant Aetna Life Insurance Co. based out of Hartford, Connecticut, has dropped out of the Connecticut health insurance marketplace just weeks before the exchange is set to open on October 1. A disagreement with the state’s Insurance Department over rates reportedly led to the company’s decision to… Read more
  • Connecticut Insurance Exchange Health Plan Rates Saturday June 08th, 2013 Connecticut Insurance Exchange also know as Access Health CT has so far had 4 insurance companies submitted health plans and rates to Connecticut Insurance Department and more insurance companies are probably going to submit rates soon. The rates are now under review by Connecticut Insurance Department and finally rates will be available later this year.… Read more
  • Access Health CT is Connecticut’s Health Insurance exchange Wednesday February 20th, 2013 Connecticut has a new name for its health insurance exchange, its called Access Health CT. Here is the official website for it. Connecticut is of the 17 states who is running their own insurance exchange as mandated by Affordable Care Act. Look here to see what states are running their own health insurance exchanges. Most… Read more