georgia health exchangeGeorgia Health Exchange is a federal government-run exchange as mandated by ObamaCare. It has recently released list of 7 health insurance companies which are going to offer Qualified Health Insurance Plans through the federally operated online insurance exchange website that will begin enrolling Geogia residents in October, 2013 for the health plans effective Jan 1, 2014.

More info on federal health Exchange is here and on Georgia Health Care Reform here.

Georgia Health Exchange Participating Companies:

Following are the names of seven companies which have signed up to sell health plans in Georgia Health Exchange.

Serial No
Company Name
3Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia
6Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
7Peach State

The companies which have decided to opt out from Georgia Health Exchange are the UnitedHealthcare and Cigna. UnitedHealthcare is one of the largest insurance provider in the State Health insurance market. Among these companies Peach State is the only one which currently covers only Medicaid and PeachCare in Georgia.

Four insurance companies are going to offer health plans in most of the areas of the state: Alliant, Blue Cross,Coventry and Humana.

Some Details On Rates Offered:

These participating insurance companies have filed rate information with Georgia Department of Insurance and it is currently under review. But according to some reports rates offered in exchange plans will be comparable to or even below average cost of current employer premiums ($456/month). These rates do not include healthcare reform subsidies, which is going to lower even further.

Health insurance rates in the Atlanta area will be lower than those offered in other parts of the state because of large number of new customers and better competition to grab the market share by insurance companies. Albany area will be the region which is going to have highest premiums.Rural areas of Georgia is expected to have higher insurance rates due to costs involved particular southwest Georgia.

It is expected that around 800,000 Georgia residence will be eligible for the ObamaCare subsidies in 2014 to help them purchase health coverage from the health insurance exchange.

Medicaid Expansion Not Available In Georgia:

ObamaCare has provisions which allows expansion of Medicaid to people earning up to 133% of federal poverty level. This is another way to expand the coverage to low-income people but it is up individual state to decide whether to expand Medicaid. Georgia’s Republican leadership  decided to not do the Medicaid expansion in the peach state and have previously resisted Affordable Care Act and establishment of health exchange in the state..

Learn more about what are essential benefits offered through exchange’s health plans and see what kind of consumer assistance will be available. The small businesses will have some implication due to ObamaCare which is explained here.

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