How Do I Get ObamaCare?

How Do I Get ObamaCareThis will be the question many will start asking later this year when enrollment starts on October 1st 2013 to buy health insurance from state or federally run health insurance exchanges. Following is a brief overview of what to expect and some answers to the question of how do I get ObamaCare. We will also explain how one can apply to get health insurance from an exchange:

Each state in US will have an health insurance exchange running by Jan 1st 2014. Some exchanges are state run, while some will have state-federal partnership and rest will be run by federal govt. To learn more about each state’s exchange, visit state based health insurance exchange.

Insurance Exchanges To Provide Single Streamlined Application:

Affordable care act requires that an exchange provides a single streamlined application to apply for all types of health insurance plans, health care premium credits as well as application for medicaid, children’s health insurance program (CHIP) etc.

More details on recently release application format is available on this ObamaCare Application Form post.

 Eligibility for ObamaCare:

To be eligible for health insurance, following criteria should be met by individuals:

  • You must live in the U.S.
  • You must be a U.S. citizen or national (or lawfully present)
  • You can’t be currently incarcerated

Eligibility for Health Insurance Premium Credits:

The affordable care act provides health insurance premium subsidies to people with up to 400% income of federal poverty level.You can find more information on insurance exchange premium credits for individuals here. These subsidies are specially helpful for low income household, since it provides refundable and advance payment of premium credits as well as increases the coverage provided by insurance companies.

What You Need Before You Apply For Health Insurance In The Insurance Exchange:

Following are the things you will need before you can apply for health insurance:

  • The exchange will require social security number (SSN), if you have one. Exchange will validate SSN with social security administration as well with department of homeland security.
  • Residency verification will be required to qualify for a health insurance plan.
  • Since health care premium credits or subsidies are tied to individual or family’s income, one need to have income information available to check if they qualify for any health insurance subsidies.
  • An attestation from tax filer will be required to get advance payments of the premium tax
  • Verification of incarceration status will be required. Applicant to provide attestation in this regard.

 How To Apply For Obama Care (How Do I Get ObamaCare):

To get Obama care based health insurance plans one needs to apply for health insurance in your state health insurance exchange.There will be multiple ways to apply for health insurance, using web site, by phone etc but most people will find it easy to apply online and do apples to apples comparison of different plans.To learn more about your state exchange, click here. Here you can find link to your state’s exchange website, where you can go and apply online or find out resources to apply by other means, as discussed below. If your exchange is run by federal government, as the case for 36 states, go to our federal exchange page to find out how to apply for ObamaCare.

The exchange will provide following means to apply for health insurance:

  • Apply on exchange’s website.
  • Apply via phone through a call center.
  • Apply by mail.
  • Apply in person to accommodate those with disabilities.
  • Apply with the help of local in person Assisters and exchange navigators.
  • Apply with the help of brokers and agents.

Also exchange will provide help to consumers in selecting qualified health plans, via program like exchange navigator.

Initial and Annual Open enrollment:

The exchange will provide an initial enrollment period to apply for health insurance plan as well as an annual open enrollment period where people who are already enrolled in health insurance plan can make changes.

  • Initial open period begins October 1st 2013 till March 31 2014
  • Written notice of annual enrollment will be provided to existing policy holders starting 2014, and it must be provided between September 1 to September 31 of each calendar year.
  • On or after January 1 2015 Annual open enrollment period will begin October 1st and ends December 7th of each calendar year.

Apart from question of how do i get obamacare, people will be interested in knowing what types of health premium credits will be available, these are explained here. Let us know what do you think about ObamaCare, will you be going to apply for it when it becomes available? For more information on this law visit,

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