Maryland Health Insurance Exchange is Maryland’s health insurance exchange.Below you will find all the latest news and articles related to Maryland Health Exchange.

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Maryland Health Insurance Exchange Overview:

Maryland’s health exchange is a state operated marketplace. A state can choose to operate its own exchange or it can let federal government operate one for it.

Starting from January 2014, under Affordable Care Act (ACA), health insurance coverage will be available for individuals and small businesses through health insurance marketplaces. Plan enrollments are to begin from October 1, 2013. Maryland’s health insurance exchange is called as ‘Maryland Health Benefit Exchange’ (MHBE) and it is governed by the nine member board. The purpose of this insurance exchange/marketplace is to make insurance affordable and easily accessible to all Maryland residents. It is estimated that approximately 14% of Maryland’s residents who are currently uninsured will be able to access health benefits options using this exchange program. The state has launched ‘Maryland Health Connection’ marketplace for individuals and small businesses to compare, select and enroll in health insurance programs. This marketplace can also be used to determine eligibility for Medicaid, federal tax credits etc.
A state can choose from 3 major types of operation models to operate health exchanges under ObamaCare. They are described here in health exchange by state post.

Maryland individuals and small business owners can purchase Maryland Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) from the insurance exchange. There are, ObamaCare Maryland health plan subsidies available for individuals whose income is below 400% of federal poverty level. ObamaCare Maryland Small Employer Tax Credits is available for small businesses.


Maryland Health Insurance Exchange News And Articles

  • Maryland Health Exchange System Undergoing Major Changes Thursday July 03rd, 2014 After months of continued technical issues and legal problems, combined with the resignation of its executive director, the Maryland Health Exchange is undergoing major changes to make its operation more transparent and user friendly. Since its opening in October of 2013, many consumers have reported problems with signing up for private insurance and were enrolled… Read more
  • Maryland Health Benefit Exchange Updates Saturday September 21st, 2013 Advertising Initiative Revealed for Maryland Health Benefit Exchange The Maryland health benefit exchange, referred to as Maryland Health Connect, has revealed its multimedia advertising initiative that will be the main avenue used to raise awareness of the health exchange and access to health insurance among Maryland residents. The Maryland insurance marketplace will open for enrollment… Read more
  • Maryland Health Exchange Rates One Of The Lowest Wednesday July 31st, 2013 Maryland Health Exchange Rates are Among the Lowest So Far According to a report released by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange, which is in charge of the Maryland Health Exchange, the state’s rates for individual health insurance will be among the lowest of the 12 states that have already released their rates. Initially, the rates that… Read more
  • Maryland Insurance Exchange Carrier List Sunday June 16th, 2013 Maryland Insurance Exchange, the state operated health exchange as mandated by ObamaCare has recently released the list of insurance companies which are planning to sell Qualified Health and Dental Plans through the exchange to Maryland residents, starting Oct 1, 2013. A total of 13 health insurance carriers, representing 23 licensed entities are going to offer… Read more