Michigan Insurance ExchangeMichigan Insurance Exchange, the state and federal partnership based health insurance marketplace as mandated by ObamaCare, has received insurance plans and rate filing information from 14 health insurance companies, according to The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services. Almost all of the insurance carriers have submitted plans for the individual market and 11 companies are offering  health plans for the small group market.

This big interest from these many insurance companies is definitely good news for Michigan, as this will promote competition and provide many health plan choices and rates for Michigan families and businesses. The rates are expected to be made available to public on or before Oct 1st.

The Michigan department of insurance will now review all the plans to make sure they comply with state insurance regulations as well as Affordable Care Act before submitting the shortlisted plans to the federal government for review by July 31. The plans will be available from federal govt website healthcare.gov.

The plans should meet federal minimum essential benefit standards, which include hospitalization coverage, preventive and wellness care and mental health care etc.

 Companies Submitted Rates For Michigan Insurance Exchange:

Following are the names of the 14 insurance companies and types qualified health plans they will be offering via Michigan Insurance Exchange starting Oct 1, 2013:

The health plans and rates will be available to search at SERFF Filing Search Portal http://www7.dleg.state.mi.us/SerffPortal/ of Michigan department of insurance and financial services.

(Note that these rates do not include ObamaCare Health Premium Subsidies which will further reduce cost of healthcare premiums a person will pay. These subsidies are available for people making less than 400% of federal poverty level)

Health Insurance Company
Type of Filing
Alliance Health and Life Insurance CompanyIndividual/ Small Group
Blue Care Network of MichiganIndividual /Small Group
Blue Cross Blue Shield of MichiganIndividual/ Multi State Plan/Small Group
Consumers Mutual Insurance of Michigan (CO-OP)Individual/Small Group
Health Alliance PlanIndividual/Small Group
Humana Medical Plan of Michigan, Inc.Individual
McLaren Health PlanIndividual/Small Group
Meridian Health Plan of Michigan, Inc.Individual
Molina Healthcare of MichiganIndividual
Physicians Health PlanIndividual/Small Group
Priority Health Individual/Small Group
Priority Health Insurance Company Individual/Small Group
Total Health Care USAIndividual/Small Group
United Healthcare Life Insurance CompanySmall Group


The health plans from exchange can be purchase, starting Oct 1, 2013 from the federal website http://www.healthcare.gov/.Michigan residents with health insurance related questions can visit www.michigan.gov/hicap for more information on various options available to them.

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