Nevada Health Insurance ExchangeSilver State Nevada Health Insurance Exchange is the state run health benefit exchange as mandated by Affordable Care Act.Below you will find all the latest news and articles related to this Insurance Exchange.

Nevada Health Insurance Exchange Consumer Website: NevadaHealthLink.Com

Nevada Health Insurance Exchange Official Website: Nevada’s Website For Exchange
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Nevada Health Insurance Exchange Overview:

Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval (R) signed a law to establish the Nevada Health Insurance Exchange In June 2011. The state’s consumer facing website Nevada Health Link is announced in March 2013, where consumers and small business can purchase Qualified Health Insurance Plans.

Nevada is one of the 17 states, which have opted to run state managed health insurance exchange. Other two types are state-federal government partnership exchanges and federal exchanges. These are described here.

Around 605,000 Nevada residents or about 22.4% of Nevadans do not have insurance. This number of uninsured is the 2nd worst in the US; Texas has the worst with  23.8% of residents uninsured. The US National Average of uninsured people is about 16%.

Of these uninsured,  35% are below federal poverty level (FPL), 29% are between poverty level to 200% of FPL, 19% are between 200% to 300% of FPL and 7% are between 300% to 400% of FPL. These individuals and families will get financial help because of ObamaCare, which will lower their cost of health  plan premiums, sold through Nevada’s exchange.

Nevada Health Insurance Exchange Helpful Resources:

  • Nevada Health Link, is the consumer facing website which will allow Nevada residence to purchase health insurance from the exchange. Go here to visit the website.
  • Exchange Enrollment Facilitator Program is Nevada’s exchange’s Navigator and Consumer Outreach Program, Learn more about it here (PDF).
  • Nevada Health Insurance Exchange’s Individual, Family And Small Businesses Enrollment walk-through VIDEOS are here.
  • Info on employer required notice to employees regarding the health plan options from exchange is here.
  • This presentation (PDF) gives good overview of how Nevada exchange is formed and all the Nevada Exchange presentations can be found here.
  • This PDF document, explains about how brokers and agents can participate in the exchange, what training is required etc.
  • And this presentation (PDF) talks about what small business owners can expect from Nevada Health Insurance Exchange.

Nevada Health Insurance Exchange News And Articles:

  • Nevada Health Link Exchange Rates Released Thursday August 01st, 2013 Nevada Health Link Releases Proposed Rates The Nevada state Insurance Division released proposed rates for the four companies that have submitted plans to be sold on the Nevada Health Link health exchange beginning on October 1. All four carriers will offer plans in Washoe County and southern Nevada, while other counties will have to choose… Read more
  • Nevada Insurance Exchange Launches New Website Thursday June 27th, 2013 New Consumer Portal Launched for Nevada Insurance Exchange On Monday, June 10, 2013, the Silver State Nevada Insurance Exchange launched its consumer web portal, This is a website that will allow customers to compare qualified health insurance plans and purchase policies that fit into their personal budgets. The information contained on the website is… Read more