Washington Health ExchangeWashington Health Exchange is called Washington Health Plan Finder.Below you will find all the latest news and articles related to Washington Health Exchange.

Washington Health Exchange Official website: Washington’s Website For Health Insurance Exchange
Phone: 360-407-4100
Email: info@wahbexchange.org
Submit A Question: http://wahbexchange.org/public-comments/
Address:Washington Health Benefit Exchange
521 Capitol Way South
Olympia, WA 98501

Washington Health Exchange Overview:

WA health exchange is state maintained and operated exchange.There are 3 major types of operational models, a state can chosen to operate health exchanges under ObamaCare. It is described here in health exchange by state post.The Exchange was created by a 2011 state law and was established as a “public-private-partnership” separate and distinct from the state.

The exchange will sell Washington Qualified Health Plans or QHPs to Individuals and Small businesses. For individuals some ObamaCare Washington Financial Assistance is available to those whose income is below 400% of federal poverty level.You can check 2013 federal poverty level for each state here.Similarly Small businesses can get some ObamaCare Washington Small Employer Tax Credits And Penalties.

Currently  1 million Washington residents or 1 out of 7 are uninsured and 1 out of 4 are under-insured.In 2013, cost of uninsured care in WA will reach $1.2 billion. To look it other way this results in a cost burden of $368 per insured individual or $1,017 per insured family per year .By 2017, the health exchange will help reduce the number of uninsured in WA from over 14% to less than 5%.

First open enrollment through Washington Insurance Exchange will be 6 months long and begins on October 1, 2013 and ends March 31, 2014.

Washington Health Exchange Helpful Resources:

  • This One page presentation (PDF) shows general purpose information about exchange, its role and timeline of roll out.
  • FAQs:http://wahbexchange.org/about-the-exchange/frequently-asked-questions/
  • This Document (PDF) is the fact sheet about Washington Health Insurance Exchange. It gives background information about how exchange was formed, whats its role will be, how much funding it has received etc.
  • Navigator Program Presentation(PDF)
  • Navigator Program Timeline

Washington health exchange navigator program



Washington Health Exchange News And Articles

  • Washington HealthPlanFinder Exchange Updates Sunday September 01st, 2013 Washington HealthPlanFinder Exchange Focuses on Outreach In the weeks leading up to the open enrollment period for the Washington health insurance marketplace, the state is gearing up its outreach campaign to target uninsured residents in Washington. Studies have shown that only one in six Washington residents know about the Washington HealthPlanFinder exchange, but the goal is… Read more
  • Washington Insurance Exchange Rates Comparision Saturday June 01st, 2013 Washington Insurance Exchange has recently released the proposed health insurance plan rates, which will be offered by 9 health insurance carriers.The rates offered by different insurance providers are competitive and are lower than previously expected, which is a good news for residents of Washington state. There are 57 Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) submitted by these… Read more
  • Washington State Health Exchange Website Features Sunday April 21st, 2013 Washington state health exchange is making some good progress on launching its consumer friendly exchange website, where it will start offering health exchange enrollment and qualified health plans selection for consumers, employers and employees. It has recently released some screen shots of current work in progress on its upcoming website. These screenshots focuses on the… Read more