Washington state health exchange is making some good progress on launching its consumer friendly exchange website, where it will start offering health exchange enrollment and qualified health plans selection for consumers, employers and employees. It has recently released some screen shots of current work in progress on its upcoming website. These screenshots focuses on the functionality provided to three target audiences namely, small business employers, employees and brokers or agents. Apart from these 3 broad categories there will be other categories for consumers to allow them to enroll in the qualified health plans, offered by the exchange.

Following are some of the highlights of what to expect from the website for these 3 different target audiences:

Washington State Health Exchange Web Portal Employer Section:

The employer section of the website will provide variety of options for small business owners. This will include, ability to create a Small Business Health Option Program or SHOP account and creating a log in information for employers. Employers can add their employees on the website manually or import a CSV file.

Employers will have option to select “One Plan Option“,  which will allow employers to select a single plan for all of their employees from a single insurance carrier. The “One Plan Option” provides standard costs and same benefits to all the employees. Another option will be “Employee Choice Option“, where employer will select a metal plan category from one of bronze, silver, gold and platinum qualified health plan and employees can see various different plans and premium options in that category and select a plan

Washington State Health Exchange Website Employer Comparing Plans

The employer section of the website will have an  employee summary page, where they can clearly see which of their employees have enrolled in a health plan, what is employee and employer cost and the total plan premium. Employer will also have option to share an employer specific link of the exchange website with their employees, so that they can log in to the exchange website and enroll in a plan.

Washington State Health Exchange Website Employee Summary Page

Once all the employees have enrolled in the health plan or waive coverage, employer will have the option to do final confirmation of enrollment of all the employees. There will be an employer dashboard where employers can pay their contribution of health plan premiums each month.

Washington State Health Exchange Web Portal Employee Section:

For employees, there will be an option to confirm their identity and create a log-in account. Employee can provide personal details like address, SSN, DOB,  household income and number of dependents to enroll etc. They can then select and compare the qualified health plans from among the plans made available to them by their employer. After they select the plan, employee will have option to e-sign the enrollment application and complete enrollment online.

The employee summary page will show the number of family members enrolled, plan selected, total out-of-pocket health premium cost for employee and employer. There will be an employee dashboard page which will allow yearly open enrollment and see their current enrollment.

 Washington State Health Exchange Website Employee Summary Page


Washington State Health Exchange Web Portal Broker/Agent Section:

Insurance brokers or agents can sell the health care plans available from Washington state health exchange. For brokers there will be a separate section on the website where they can see a list of their current clients, start a new enrollment application for a client and keep track of their enrollment progress for a specific client.

 Washington State Health Exchange Website Broker Dashboard

Users of the website can also search for a broker or agent using zip code etc. So above was a brief overview of the Washington state health exchange website. If you want to know more about how to get obama health care plans then click the previous link. Also get more information about Washington Health Exchange here.

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